For years EcoTech Insulation has helped build more energy efficient homes and buildings. Our portfolio encompasses high-performance light and medium density solutions of insulation spray foam to establish improved air quality and reduced energy heating costs.

Spray foam can be used for insulation in walls and attics and on roofs as it air seals around walls, corners and on other contoured surfaces. When it comes to guarding against the cold, spray foam does the job of sealing tight every crack and corner to prevent air infiltration and heat from escaping your home. The spray foam will insulate cavities of any shape, creating a “seamless” protective air barrier that minimizes or eliminates air leakage to establish maximum building envelope performance

Guard against Ottawa’s Cold Weather, as a homeowner you can expect to save about 40 percent on their energy bills once they install spray foam as insulation. Have more questions about spray foam insulation? Don’t hesitate to call us at 613-296-6662.