Home owners in the past decade have become more aware about energy efficiency, health and safety issues. There has been increased demand for durability and sustainability as well as for a positive environmental impact from the materials that are used in residential construction and insulation. Spray foam insulation continues to grow more popular as energy concerns and green building products are becoming more common place. How do you go about selecting spray polyurethane foam insulation that is right for your project?

Spray polyurethane foam comes in the option of open cell or closed cell foam insulation products that provide energy efficiency, durability, increased racking strength, an air barrier and moisture and vapor control to the areas on which they are applied.

Spray foam insulation is very versatile and plays a large role in improving home energy performance. It performs equally well when insulating crawl spaces, basements and attics. With the increase in energy costs for heating and cooling, high performance energy spray foam poses as the most suitable and affordable solution. When correctly installed, spray foam provides quality insulation and becomes a key production element in constructing a home that meets environmental objectives.

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