In an attempt to cut down costs, some Ottawa homeowners and businesses will try to apply spray foam insulation on their own. However there are some things to consider before you do this, including spray foam insulation safety.

Here are several reasons why you should hire a professional to do the job:

  • When foam is sprayed, it expands to a great volume as soon as it is applied. If it is not sprayed correctly, the process can become wasteful and pricey.
  • A professional company will ensure both the safety and quality of any spray foam application.
  • Sporadic spraying results in unbalanced layers that are not aesthetically pleasing.
  • Uneven spraying will accumulate in clusters that can become a fire hazard.
  • Exothermic heat is created from the chemical reactions that occur while the foam is expanding. If the layers are too thick, this can also become a fire hazard.
  • When the job is poorly done, there could be an added labor cost to remove the thick layers and clusters of foam.
  • In some cases, the entire job is removed and re-administered, resulting in wasted labor and materials.

Spraying foam insulation is not a do-it-yourself application and should be done only by properly trained installers who will assure quality control. Our team is dedicated to following industry standards and recommended safety procedures in all our jobs.

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