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Insulation in your home, and office can become contaminated from the collection of toxins, bed bugs, fleas, transferred from animals crawling around or living in your attic.

Whether you need contaminated insulation removed from your home, or your office, our team of professional insulation contractors are qualified to get the job done right. Some of the most common reasons for insulation removal in Ottawa are:

Mould & Water damage:

When snow melts, or it rains, some older roofs (and newer, poorly constructed roofs), tend to leak onto the insulation. As temperatures change, mould can grow, and the effectiveness of your attic insulation will deteriorate.

Animal Infestation:

Does your home have a rodent problem? Bed bugs? For the health reasons associated with these and other animals/insects, it is highly recommended that you have your insulation removed and replaced with a healthier, more effective solution.


 It’s probably no surprise that if you’re renovating your home in Ottawa, you’re going to want to insulate any additions, or re-insulate updated sections. What is likely less obvious is that often you will have to remove sections of your existing insulation to allow contractors to do their work.

Fire & Smoke:

If you’ve had recent damage due to fire and smoke, and/or have a lingering smell of smoke in your home, that smell could be trapped within the fibres of your attic, or fibreglass wall insulation. You’ll want to replace that insulation to completely remove the cell.

Decreased R-Value:

If your home is older, and suffers from heat loss, and feels cold during Ottawa winters, your insulation may need to be replaced. Older insulations installed by builders often break down over time, and lose their insulating capacity. To save money, and keep the heat in your home, we’ll remove your bad insulation and replace it with one of our leading eco-friendly, cost effective solutions.

Old insulation is not only less effective (due to a lower R-value), but it also poses health risks to your family, employees, or co-workers. Old insulation often leads to higher energy costs, and if exposed to significant moisture, can lead to issues with the structural integrity of walls and ceiling structures.

EcoTech provides several services to safely remove your old insulation from your home, and replace it with new, eco friendly solutions that will help reduce your energy bills, and keep you safe and warm in your home.

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