Save Money with Eco Spray Foam

Return on Investment

Spray foam insulation is indeed an investment, an investment that will pay dividends within three years following installation. Homeowners can expect to see a return on investment of 41% in the first year alone, with energy savings of close to $2,000 annually.


Return in the first year


Return by second year


Estimated Annual Savings


Case Study

*House built in 2002 in Manotick, Ontario

Basic Insulation Package

Walls on 1st, 2nd floor | Fiberglass batt R20


Ceiling | Blown fiberglass R40


Basement walls | Fiberglass batt R12


Garage Ceiling | Fiberglass batt R28




Spray foam insulation package

Walls on 1st, 2nd floor | Sprayed closed cell R20


Ceiling | Blown fiberglass R40


Basement walls | Sprayed closed cell foam R12


Garage Ceiling | Sprayed closed cell foam R28




Theses numbers were taken from the same house in Manotick, Ontario. In 2008, energy costs were calculated based on the basic insulation package that was installed at that point. Two years later the house was fitted with Spray Foam Insulation from EcoTech, and the energy costs were calculated. Below the energy costs of both years are compared. Note that in 2010, energy costs were also slightly higher than in 2008, and yet there was a 41% savings on energy in the first year with Spray Foam.

Basic Insulation Package

Natural Gas






Spray Foam Insulation Package

Natural Gas






Return on Investment (ROI) Breakdown

Cost of Installation

House with basic insulation package: $4,340
House with efficient Spray Foam from EcoTech: $9,150
Additional Cost for Spray Foam: $4,810

Savings on energy costs per year:

$4,054  – $2,060 = $1,994

Return on Investment in year one is 41%

By investing in the efficient spray foam insulation package from EcoTech Insulation, homeowners would guarantee a return on their investment in less than 3 years!!

 *Return on investment based on 2010 energy costs. As costs increase, so will your return on investments.

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