Spring is finally here! Or so we hope. This past winter was undoubtedly one of the coldest on record in the last few years. If you’ve recently upgraded your insulation in your home and attic, you we’re likely resting comfortably in your home through the bitter winter.

If you didn’t get around to upgrading your insulation this year, you may not have been freezing, but you probably saw a large increase on your heating bills – something that was sure to not make your winter all that much warmer.

The good news is that Spring is an excellent time to start auditing your home and preparing for the (hopefully) warm summer days just around the corner.

“But I thought insulation was only for the winter?” you may be thinking. In fact that’s far from the truth. Just as quality insulation in the attic and in your walls helps to reduce your heating bills through Ottawa’s frigid winters, insulating your attic also helps keep your home cool, and reduce your air conditioning bills through the warm summers.

As a homeowner you can reduce your energy bills by up to 25% in the summer months by insulating your attic, which adds up to a significant savings, and a more comfortable home. Overall it’s wise to upgrade both the insulation in your walls, and the insulation in your attic, as much of your home’s heat, and cool air, escapes through the roof.

It’s important to select the right type of insulation for your home (we’ll cover this in another post), and for the different areas of your home. There are three main types – Spray Foam (Open/Closed Cell), Blown in (Fibreglass/Cellulose), and Fibreglass Batt insulation. Spray foam is undoubtedly one of the most effective, but also costly solutions for your attic. For the best value, and insulating power, we use a combination of Spray Foam insulation and Blown in insulation in your attic. This creates a moisture barrier, significant sound dampening, and insulates your attic with an air tight seal.

If you’re interested in insulating your home to prepare for the warmth of summer, talk to a EcoTech Insulation Expert to find out which solution is the best for your. We offer a 100% Free Estimate to homeowners looking to upgrade their attics.

Looking to upgrade more than your attic? Do you suspect your current insulation is contaminated? We specialize in everything insulation, and a have a variety of insulation solutions in Ottawa to fit your needs.