If the rumours are true, there is a wave of freezing temperatures lurking around the corner. We’re about to face the “T-Rex of Winters” according to CTV, and we want to make sure you’re prepared for what is around the corner. We’ve compiled a list of five things you can do to ensure that you stay uber warm this winter in Ottawa. Combine these for maximum warmth.
5. Make your Fireplace More Efficient
There is nothing better than sitting around a fireplace in the dead of winter with a cup of hot chocolate. However, fireplaces can be rather in-efficient when it comes to heating your home, and keeping the heat in your home. The problem is that with most fireplaces, a large amount of the heat generated is pulled up through the chimney and creates an updraft which sucks the warm air out of the room, leaving you rather cold when the flames die out.
You can make your fireplace more effcient with these DIY tips from Mother Earth News
4. Ensure your Furnace is ready for the cold
This isn’t something you want to wait on old man winter for. Now is the perfect time to run downstairs and make sure everything is running as it should. The first thing you want to check is that the boiler starts, and that the system starts up – if not, well you’ll be in the cold. Check out these tips for ensuring your furnace is all set for winter from the NY Times.
3. Use a Space heater, and save your furnace. 
If you’re on a budget, and want to give your furnace a break from time to time, try using a space heater. Space heaters are great if you’re working in just one room for long periods of time. You can focus the heat, and save on energy costs, by not running your furnace all the time. You can typically pick up a space heater for around $50-$100 at your local hardware store.
Check out Apartment Therapy for some of the best portable space heaters on the market.
2. Winterize your Body to stay healthy. 
Its one thing to be a little chilly in the winter, it’s a whole other thing to be cold, sick and mighty uncomfortable through the winter. One thing that many people overlook is keeping up their health when the nasty cold hits. The change of the seasons is a popular time for picking up colds and the flu, making you feel under the weather. To prevent this,  lifehacker put together a solid article on staying active, finding the sunshine and taking your vitamins to combat the winter. Read it here. 
1. Insulate your home properly
This is the most straightforward, long term solution of the list. Insulating your home with spray foam insulation helps to create a seamless heat barrier around your home, locking in the heat that otherwise gets lost. Our spray foam solutions can save you up to %40 on your heating and energy bills, and keep you warm and healthy, even in the longest of winters. Spray Foam Insulation from EcoTech is the first piece to your energy efficient home puzzle.
Now is the perfect time to prepare your home for this monster winter. Get your free estimate today.