If you read the news, you know that cold temperatures are not holding back this winter. Following last years record snowfalls, and bone-chilling temperatures, every indication is pointing to another bitter-cold winter. CTV News is saying that we have the “T-Rex’ of winters in store, with colder, and snowier temperatures lurking around the corner, quoting “It’s not going to be pretty”.
If you’re in an older home, or your home typically gets rather cold, don’t fear. We’ve been providing energy efficient insulation solutions in the Ottawa region for years, we are your cold winter insulation experts. Our product range includes high-performance light and medium density insulation solutions as well as open and closed cell spray foam to ensure reduced energy heating costs, and a warmer winter for your whole family.
We personally love spray foam insulation as it can be used on everything from walls and attics and on your roof, sealing every crack and corner tight to prevent air leaking, ensuring the heat stays in your home. You can think about spray foam as creating a seamless protective barrier around your home, locking the heat in, and keeping that bone-chilling cold air out.
EcoTech has been keeping Ottawa warm in the winter for years, and reducing the cost of home energy bills by about 40% with the installation of spray foam insulation. We’d be happy to pay you a visit and provide you with a free estimate if you’re interested in saving money and staying warm this winter. Have questions? A EcoTech team member would be happy to tell you more, just give us a call at 613-296-6662.
Stay Warm Ottawa