Closed Cell Spray Foam

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The Benefits of Closed Cell Spray Foam

Closed cell spray foam is a dense and durable insulation type which consists of tiny cells that are completely closed and packed together.

If you’re looking for a great overall choice in many situations, with high performance, and versatility, closed cell spray foam is your answer. Closed cell spray foam has advantages over open cell spray foam, including a higher R-value, and it performs better in roofing applications, and it can add support to your home’s structures.

Protect your home right with closed-cell spray foam:

  • It is highly efficient, having one of the highest R-values of commercially available insulation.
  • The cells are filled with gas that causes the foam to rise and expand, making it a better insulator than open cell foam especially in roofing situations.
  • It is a highly effective air and moisture barrier, great for applications such as roofing insulation.
  • Closed cell foam’s rigidity and strength cause it to strengthen walls and other structures.