Both ancient Egyptian and the Greek architecture placed cavities between the walls in order to provide adequate space for insulation. Over the centuries many materials have been used to either keep heat out or in. Among the materials used to maintain insulation there was cork, cloth, mud, sheep wool, fiberglass, plastic, paper, and finally today we have spray foam. Foam insulation is a green option for your homes, and the earth.

Reducing our carbon footprint is becoming of greater concern both to individual homeowners and commercial properties alike. Foam insulation, while more costly initially than more traditional choices, is an environmentally friendly product that can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 80 per cent.

Cooled or heated air can escape through gaps and cracks in the house, but spray foam insulation can save on energy costs. If you are unable to afford spray foam due to budget constraints, one key spot we recommend adding spray foam insulation is underneath the roofline.

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