Ottawa is no stranger to the harsh temperatures that the Canadian winter brings with it. During the cold winter months, often starting as early as November and lasting into March, Ottawa residents experience a huge spike in their energy bills as they turn on their heating for the season.

Sometimes the increase in power use can be triple that of warmer months due to the cost of heating alone. For a relatively large home, it can represent a significant amount of money. Ensuring that your home is properly weatherproofed can help a bit.

Window and door sealing materials and proper heating system maintenance can all help reduce energy costs, but the biggest impact a homeowner can have on energy bills comes through the choice of insulation one puts in their home.

Spray Foam Insulation, especially closed cell spray foam insulation, has the highest heat-trapping rating of all commercially available insulation types. That means less heat escapes your home through its walls, and your heating system doesn’t have to work so hard. You save energy and money. Best of all, spray foam insulation is durable, relatively lightweight and fills in cracks and gaps in walls and attics.

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