What is spray foam insulation?

Spray foam is a type of insulation material that is sprayed into wall and floor spaces in liquid form. It then rapidly solidifies into hard foam insulation. There are two types of foam: open-cell foam and the higher density closed-cell foam.

What are the benefits of spray foam insulation?

Closed-cell foam has the highest-R-value of any insulation material available, up to R6 per inch. The R value of a material measures its resistance to the movement of heat -the higher the better.

Spray foam takes up much less space than fibreglass or blown-in cellulose. Its thickness varies depending on where it’s installed, but it has an average thickness of about 3 inches.

Spray foam saves money on energy costs. Homeowners can save of up to 40% or more with spray foam insulation.

When and where should spray foam be used?

Closed cell spray foam can be used anywhere in the house, but special attention must be taken to provide anti-flammable treatments if the foam is installed near a flame source. It is very effective around basements and attics.

Installing spray foam is not something a private homeowner can do on their own. It requires special equipment and clothing, and can be messy and difficult to deal with during installation. A trained contractor is a must when considering spray foam insulation for your house.

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