Spray Foam insulation might seem like an easy enough job to handle on the surface. After all, it basically involves spraying foam on to desired areas of your home.

The truth of the matter is that this process is quite subtle and complex, and can lead to significant issues down the line if not done properly. In fact many problems can arise from poor installation of spray foam insulation precisely because it is such a robust and efficient substance.

Correct application of spray foam insulation is key not only in temperature control, but in moisture controlas well. If small openings or cracks are left in the installation, moisture can enter and collect in the walls of your home, leading to mold growth. Another potential pitfall of poorly installed spray foam is poor air circulation.

In the end, not only are trained technicians required for proper application of spray foam insulation, but proper equipment as well. For these reasons, it is best to hire professionals. You will not only ensure an cost-efficient spray foam insulation installation for your home, you will ensure the safety of your family.

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