In order to be properly installed and effective, spray foam insulation must stick well to whatever surface it’s being applied to. There are 3 main factors to consider when installing spray foam insulation to make sure that it is applied properly:

Moisture. Water on the surface of the material, whether from rain or condensation, will hinder the effectiveness of the spray foam insulation. It will essentially prevent it from sticking properly. Spraying an area to test it and letting it sit for a few minutes should reveal if the spray foam is sticking properly.

Wind. Heavy winds can seriously affect an exterior application of spray foam by causing the sprayer to over-apply the foam. Usually, wind screens can be deployed to help maintain a good level of spray without reducing the yield.

Temperature. The right temperature of both the ambient air and the surface where the spray foam is to be applied is required for a good installation. A good contractor will ensure this factor is taken into consideration.

EcoTech technicians are experienced with these climatic variations, and will take the necessary steps to ensure a proper spray foam insulation installation that will last its full lifespan.