Several cases have been reported where a poorly conducted insulation & foam spraying job resulted in the emanation of bad fish-like odour. You definitely do not want your house or office smelling like dead fish, especially during the winter time, when it becomes difficult to aerate your house. Do-it-yourself spray foam kits are usually where the most damage occurs due to the poor quality of the foam and the lack of training of the person administering the job. Badly processed jobs will result in foam odours that can last between several weeks and in some cases months on end. Here are some tips on preventing bad odours during spray foam installation.

Don’t apply in an occupied house

Spray foam should never be installed in an occupied house, especially in the presence of children or pregnant women. An empty house will mean less clutter and therefore the spraying process will be easier to implement. At EcoTech Insulation, we highly recommend that our clients vacate the area where the foam is being administered for a minimum of two days. Once we are done with the spraying, we work to keep the treated area aerated for a few days. If the clients are eager to move back into their home, we carry out exhaust ventilation and bring in turbo-fans to speed up the aeration of the space.

Keep the temperature correct

When administered, foam must be within a specified temperature range, the surface on which it is sprayed must be clean and the hose gun must be in perfect working order. Odours will surely emerge when foam is installed too thick or when the chemicals are not heated to the proper temperature before they are sprayed. Also spraying foam on unclean areas or surfaces contaminated with other chemicals could result not only in bad odours, but also toxic fumes.  A bad spray job will leave some areas of foam damp and semi-solid. When you see a foam job where the foam remains squishy and rubber like, give us a call immediately, this foam is not only smelly, it is also highly toxic.

Spraying foam is not a DIY job. please contact Eco Tech Insulation to schedule a free assessment or to made an appointment. We will be happy to answer all of your questions. 613 296-6662