Attic insulation contributes greatly to reducing your energy bills, especially if you insulate with spray foam insulation, which actually works best in spaces like attics. A properly insulated attic prevents certain problems that can arise, such as ice buildup on your roof.

Ice dams are structures that occur when snow melts and re-freezes as it runs down a sloped roof. They are often caused by poor attic insulation. Other signs of poor attic insulation are uneven snow melt patterns and icicles forming around the edges. If you notice any of these signs on your roof, you should take action immediately, as they can do serious damage to your home.

Spray foam insulation is the most effective solution for sealing air leaks in your attics that can cause ice dams and icicles on your roof. Whether closed-cell or open-cell, spray foam insulation expands to fill the tiniest gaps in your attic, thereby preventing heat loss that can melt snow on your roof unevenly, causing it to re-freeze into dams or icicles.

Trust the professionals at EcoTech to properly install your spray foam insulation, saving you money on energy bills and saving your home from damage caused by snow and ice.