In the world of home insulation, one will encounter three main categories of materials: Spray foam insulation, batt or batting isulation, and blown insulation.

Spray foam insulation includes closed and open celled varieties, and is applied by professionals using specialized equipment. It is essentially a foam material which expands to fill cracks and openings in walls and ceilings.

Batt insulation is specialized solid insulation which is often made up of organic materials cut into large blocks that are stuffed into wall cavities. This insulation works quite well and is usually made up of recycled materials.

Blown insulation is your typical type of insulation made up of finely blown strands of materials like fibreglass.

Spray foam insulation is generally the highest performing type of insulation when it comes to R-value measurements, which are a reflection of the amount of heat the insulation retains within the house.

Batt insulation is generally the best choice for ecologically friendly materials, although keep in mind that better insulation saves energy which is also green.

Blown insulation is often regarded as the poorest performing insulation, and is often associated with do-it-yourself hardware store type of jobs.

Consider spray foam or batt insulation, such as EcoTech’s Knauf EcoBatt insulation, if you’re looking to get serious about your home insulation. You’ll save money and save the planet while you’re at it. Plus, with EcoTech’s professional technicians, your insulation will be properly installed.

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