If you’ve done any research on spray foam insulation, you probably know that it is an extremely efficient insulator, with the highest R-value of any commercially available insulation materials. The savings in energy costs that it can pass on to you are significant, and make spray foam insulation an important consideration for you home regardless. However it is important to understand when and where to use spray foam insulation.

However, there are some situations where spray foam insulation works even better than normal. Here are some qualities of spray foam insulation to consider with respect to your particular needs:

Spray foam insulation saves space.

Compared to other types of insulation such as fibreglass or blown-in cellulose, spray foam takes up much less space. Depending on where it is applied in the building’s structure, it is about three inches thick on average once installed.

Best rooms for spray foam.

Since spray foam is flammable, an ignition barrier needs to be installed if the insulation is to be used near a flame source. Otherwise, spray foam insulation works well anywhere. It’s especially effective in attics and basements where the floorboards rest on the foundation.

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