A couple months ago, Mike Holmes was interviewed by the Gazette about insulation choices for their home renovation section.

The verdict of the article was clear: not only was spray foam insulation the top choice for home insulation, but he specifically cited closed-cell spray foam as being far superior to all other materials.

Holmes cited closed cell spray foam’s durability, strength, and high R-value in his support of the material. He also mentioned that while it is more expensive than open cell spray foam, it also pays for itself in the long run through significant savings on your energy bill.

This celebrity endorsement will go a long way in showing the attractiveness of closed cell spray foam insulation for homeowners in Ottawa. Of course, Holmes is right. The qualities of closed cell spray foam insulation make it the clear winner when it comes to insulation materials. If Mike Holmes endorses closed cell spray foam, doesn’t it make sense to install it in your home?

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