There’s a lot of talk about how spray foam insulation is something of a “magic bullet” solution for homeowners looking to increase the efficiency of their insulation and save money on heating costs. It’s structure-enhancing qualities are also often heralded, along with its environmental friendliness.

Well, spray foam insulation can actually be a great solution for homeowners, but there is a crucial element that needs to be in place: proper installation.

Proper installation of spray foam can’t be stressed enough. This is a highly complex process that absolutely requires the skill of an experienced professional contractor specializing in spray foam.

An experienced contractor like EcoTech will not only know how to install spray foam properly, they will also choose the right supplier for their materials. With the explosion in popularity of spray foam insulation, there are a lot of suppliers and contractors out there that just don’t have the track record and know-how to give you what you absolutely need: quality product and solid installation.

Not having a proper contractor to install your spray foam can lead to uneven application, gaps or cracks in the foam, and an overall reduction in the thickness of the foam layer, resulting in R-values that are even below the minimum standard.

Spray foam shines in areas that are difficult to seal with other types of insulation, but this also means that extra care must be taken with the installation. EcoTech does it right every time, guaranteed.