Spray foam insulation is a great overall choice for home insulation material. It has a high R-value, it reinforces walls, and depending on the type (open or closed cell) it can serve as both a heat and moisture barrier. That being said, it has a particular application in homes that is becoming quite popular.

Where is the best place to use spray foam insulation in my home?

The places where spray foam shines are attics and basements. Attics are notoriously difficult to insulate because their environmental conditions such as warm air and moisture decrease the effectiveness of other types of insulation, such as batt.

Can installing spray foam insulation be a DIY project?

Spray foam insulation should not be attempted by anyone who isn’t a trained, experienced professional. Proper protective gear is necessary to prevent inhaling the gases released during installation, and to keep the foam from contacting skin. Also, an improper application of spray foam insulation can result in significant damage to your property as it expands.

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