When it comes to spray foam insulation, there are two main types, open and closed, which are also divided by their respective weights or thickness into 1/2-lb and 2-lb foams. So you may be asking, which type of spray foam insulation do you need?

Spray Foam Cell type

1/2-lb spray foam typically contains a higher level of open cells (greater than 50), which is why it is typically referred to as open cell insulation. 2-lb spray foam has a much higher concentration of closed cells (90 percent). Each type has their own strengths, and should be considered depending on the situation.

Air Barriers

Both 1/2 and 2-lb spray foam insulation types are effective air barriers, which make them well suited to absorb sound from the outside, such as traffic or airplanes. 1/2-lb spray foam is actually even better at absorbing sound in this way. Neither type is particularly good at absorbing vibrational impact noise, however.

Moisture Barriers

Both 1/2 and 2-lb spray foams are great water vapour barriers, as long as the moisture is suspended in air. Liquid water can enter 1/2-lb spray foam and as a result it is a poor water barrier. 2-lb spray foam resists water absorption and can serve as a good rain or weather barrier for your home.

Heat Barrier

2-lb closed cell Foam has a higher R-value than 1/2-lb open cell, and as compared to all other available types of insulation products. It is without question the best type of insulation when it comes to heat conservation within your home.

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